How to install ipaddr package on RHEL8/Centos/Fedora?

How to install ipaddr package on RHEL8/Centos/Fedora?

No module named 'ipaddr' error, we need to install missing ipaddr package

In this page explained how to install ipaddr package in different ways.

We can install the ipaddr package using pip command as below,

pip install ipaddr

If not installed, We can also install the ipaddr 2.2.0 package using below steps,

1. Download the ipaddr package from here

# wget

Check downloaded or not using ls command.

# ls

2.Unzip the downloaded file using tar command.

# tar -xvzf ipaddr-2.2.0.tar.gz

3.Go to ipaddr-2.2.0 directory

# cd ipaddr-2.2.0/

4.Intall python3 if not installed on system.

# yum install python38

5.Install ipaddr package using python3 command.

# python3 install

Python installation

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