End of life Python 2

End of life Python 2

Should we use python 2 or python 3 for new application development?

We should use python 3 for upcoming application development, because bug fixes, releases and offical support for python 2 will not be there after January 2020.

In january 2020, python 2 will be EOL (End of life0 status and no further updates.

So going forward, we can recommend learning and teaching only python 3.

Please check official website for more details

If you want to maintain python 2 application, please refer this link will be helpful.

Python 2 and Python 3 differences

Python 2 is legacy and Python 3 is the current and future of the language

List of features which are only available in python 3 releases and won't be backported to the python 2:

	strings are Unicode by default
	clean Unicode/bytes separation
	exception chaining
	function annotations
	syntax for keyword-only arguments
	extended tuple unpacking
	non-local variable declarations

Python 3 code to python 2 code conversion

3to2 is a project to convert python 3.x code to python 2.x code.

Python 2 code to python 3 code conversion

2to3 is a tool automatically converts the python 2.x code to python 3.x code.

Python installation

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