YAQL Tutorial

Python installation

YAQL Introduction

What is YAQL?

  • YAQL means Yet Another Query Language, which is used to process and filter the data in data source like JSON, YAML etc.
  • YAQL can be embedded and also extensible query language.
  • YAQL query is similar like SQL query to search and operate on data.
  • YAQL query processor can be easily integrated in your code.
  • Queries are based on DSL's(Domain Specific Language), JSON, YAML and user inputs etc.
  • It's used to perform the complex queries against arbitrary objects.
  • Rich predefined functions and user defined functions are also possible in YAQL to extend.
  • YAQL has been developed in python.
  • YAQL is distributed through PyPi (Python Package index).
  • CLI tool and python module are two different ways to use the YAQL.

How to install YAQL?

There are two different ways
//Using PyPi: 
pip install yaql
//Using system package manager: 
yum install python-yaql

how to get into YAQL environment?

Once installed YAQL on the machine, 'yaql' shell command can be used to get into the YAQL environment.
[machine]$ yaql
Once run yaql command, you will get YAQL environment as below,
In yaql environment, null is returned if you run $ simply without loading any data in the environment.
yaql> $
If you have input data as json format, use @load command is available in YAQL to load data in the environment.
yaql>@load input.json
Data from file input.json loaded into context

How can we access input data in YAQL?

Once input data is loaded in the environment, $ can be used to access the input data.
yaql> $
    "name": "test", 
    "id": "1002"
To access name field in the input data,

 YAQL Tutorial

Python installation

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